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Grown Rings are engineered with Spiral Grain and densified wood to be strong, durable and safe for everyday wear. They are internally stabilized for added strength and waterproofing. All rings are also coated with five layers of a fiberglass-filled, Cyanoacrylate clear coat. Our proprietary glass filling technique is similar to the process used to protect wooden canoes and surfboards. 


You can wear your ring while washing your hands or showering. It’s not recommended to wear it while swimming, visiting the beach or doing water sports, as cold water makes fingers shrink and your ring may get lost. 


Some materials, like stone, concrete, ceramic, glass, etc., can be hard on the clear coat of your ring. No matter how careful you are, if you regularly handle these items, your ring will pick up scratches as part of normal wear and tear. That happens to metal rings and wood rings alike. Small scratches and dents are normal and add character to a ring. One advantage a Grown Ring has is that it can be refinished. See the maintenance and repair policies for more information. 


Certain activities like lifting weights or chopping wood can pit your entire body weight, or bring thousands of pounds of impact force, against your ring. As a rule of thumb, if you are engaging in any activities that suggest gloves to protect your hands, or lifting heavy objects, remove your ring first. See the maintenance policy for more information on activities that may damage your ring.   


Every item is custom made to the order details you provide and guaranteed to match the ordered size/width, style and be defect free. If there are any issues when your ring arrives, contact us within 14 days and we’ll correct the issue at no cost to you. Issues that arise after the 14 day point will be covered by the repair policy (see below). Rings are covered by a 1 year warranty against damage. This warranty is provided to help you identify any ring hazards in your daily activities that may not be obvious at first glance. Maybe you spilled nail polish remover on your ring and it caused the finish to go cloudy. No worries. During the warranty period, we’ll fix and refinish your ring free of charge and only require that you cover shipping costs.


The warranty does not cover any intentional damage, modifications, 3rd party engraving or resizing. Nor does the warranty cover neglect. If your ring is damaged and you continue to wear it, the damage may get worse and worse eventually resulting in a ring that can not be repaired to original condition. The warranty does not cover lost or stolen rings. We recommend reviewing your insurance policy for jewelry coverage and/or taking out a separate policy to cover your ring.


Your ring will arrive with a care card and polishing kit free of charge. Please keep these in a safe place and use them regularly to protect your ring. You are responsible for maintaining the appearance and integrity of your ring. This includes regular washing and waxing, and keeping your ring free from chemical exposure and other damage. Standard soft hand or dish soap that is free of scrubbing/abrasive compounds can be used to wash your ring daily to weekly. The frequency depends on your activities. If you use lotion, hand sanitizer or other chemicals daily, then you should wash your ring once a day to prevent those chemicals from building up. To keep your ring looking its best, wax and polish once a month. If you wash your ring every day, you may want to wax it twice a month or once a week. From start to finish, washing>drying>waxing>polishing, will take about 2 minutes. 


Avoid exposing your ring to strong chemicals. Solvents like brake cleaner, acetone and paint thinners may discolor the protective clear coat of your ring. Lotions and hand sanitizer may contain weak acids (Tocopheryl Acetate) that may damage your rings finish or cause gold and silver to discolor. If possible, switch to products that don’t contain these chemicals or wash your ring more frequently. It’s not enough to take your ring off, apply the chemicals, and then put your ring back on. These chemicals persist on your skin and get trapped between your skin and ring. 


Impacts, abrasion and force may also damage your ring. If you have any questions about a particular activity, please reach out and we’ll be happy to advise. Our rule of thumb is “If the activity suggests gloves, take your ring off first”. Weight lifting, axes, sledgehammers, carrying cement blocks, scrubbing pots and pans, playing the guitar, overhauling a car engine, etc., are all potentially destructive activities. Be good to your ring and it will last.


Grown Rings are one of the very few wooden rings that can be resized. All of our rings are made to standard US sizes. We can resize up or down one half (½) US size. So if you ordered a size 9, and later decide that it’s too small or too big, your size 9 ring can be resized to 8.5, 8.75, 9.25 or 9.5. This is enough to perfect the fit. It is not enough to compensate for an initially inaccurate size measurement.


It is your responsibility to order an accurate size. There are many tools and techniques that help measure ring size. These measurements are estimates or guesses and should not be considered a final size until you’ve tried on an actual ring in both your size and width. Paper charts, apps, string and ruler, belt or key chain style measuring tools WILL NOT give you a true understanding of sliding a ring over your knuckle and wearing it 24 hours a day. 


We offer a 3D-printed ring sizing service for $9.95. This service is ideal if you have a good idea of your ring size but would like to be 100% confident. We will 3D-print you 2-5 actual rings in biodegradable plastic at your chosen size and width. The wearer can try each, select the one that fits the best and then wear that ring for 24-48 hours to ensure that it stays comfortable. If you purchase 3D printed sizing rings from us, your ring is guaranteed to fit. If for any reason you find that your ring is too tight or loose within the first 12 months after purchase, we will resize it for you free of cost. The guaranteed fit and free resizing is only if you’ve confirmed your size with our 3D printed sizing rings.


If your ordered size doesn’t fit, and you did NOT confirm with 3D prints, resizing is available for a cost of $39.95 and it is your responsibility to ship the ring back to us. 


If your ordered size was significantly wrong and cannot be fixed with resizing, your only option would be to return or replace your ring with a new one. 


We offer a no-questions-asked return policy within 14 days of purchase. Any returned rings will be subject to a 40% recycling fee, based on the current full list price of the ring. Contact us to initiate a return. When we receive your ring in the original condition and within 14 days of your purchase, we will then issue a refund to your original payment method, minus the 40% recycling fee.


If you have ordered the wrong size and would like to have a replacement ring made in the correct size. We require that you confirm the needed size with our 3D printed ring service. Once the size is confirmed, we will apply 60% of the purchase price of your original ring as store credit to the price of your replacement ring.


Your order can be canceled for a full refund within 24 hours of the date/time the order was placed. After 24 hours, your order can be canceled for 60% store credit.


  • Rings less than 12 months old: we will refinish/repair your ring free of charge. We only ask that cover return shipping both ways.

  • Rings more than 12 months old: we will refinish/repair your ring for a small fee ($79.95) plus the cost of return shipping.

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