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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you make custom rings?
    Yes. We can start with an existing design and substitute wood species, inlay materials, ring profile and other details. Or we can start from scratch. Pick your favorite woods and we’ll go from there. There's no extra charge for customizing. Substitutions that don’t increase the complexity of the design generally don’t increase the price. If we start adding design elements, more inlays, smoked or colored effects, that will likely increase the cost as your ring will take more labor/materials to create. Contact me with your ideas and I can help finalize them and provide an estimate. Many of our previous custom designs are posted on Instagram.
  • How do I know my size?
    There are many tools and techniques that measure ring size. These techniques have varying degrees of accuracy. measurements are estimates or guesses and should not be considered a final size until you’ve tried on an actual ring in both your size and width. Paper charts, apps, string and ruler, belt or key chain style measuring tools WILL NOT give you a true understanding of sliding a ring over your knuckle and wearing it 24 hours a day. We offer a 3D-printed ring sizing service for $9.95. We will 3D-print you 2-5 actual rings in biodegradable plastic at your chosen size and width. The wearer can try each, select the one that fits best and wear it for 24 hours (or a couple of days). If you use our 3D Printed service, we guarantee a perfect fit, or we will resize for free.
  • Do Spiral Grain rings require a lot of maintenance?
    No, the required maintenance is very simple. Wash as needed with non abrasive hand soap. Polish with Grown Rings Polishing Wax (provided with each order). Do not use metal jewelry polish, cleansers or abrasive compounds.
  • Is your wood sustainably sourced?
    Yes. Grown rings are made from reclaimed and sustainable wood sources. Historical restorations, artisans, carpenters and manufacturers all produce off cuts or expended wood products. Grown rings rescues wood and gives it new life. Sources include: Hardwood Long Bows from Arkansas (Osage), Major League Baseball game used bats (Hickory), antique stairs from a 1920s hotel in Los Angeles (Douglas Fir) and Jack Daniel's Whiskey Barrel from Tennessee (White Oak). In addition to sustainably sourcing the wood, our proprietary Spiral Grain technique creates the ring with virtually no waste. Other methods of creating wood rings create up to 10 times more wood waste than what remains in the actual ring.
  • Can I send you my own wood?
    Yes. But I'm going to have some questions for you, so please reach out. The Spiral Grain process is suitable for hard and soft woods. If you have a sentimental tree or wooden product, chances are very good that I can make it into a custom ring in any of the styles in my store.
  • Are Grown Rings waterproof?
    Yes. Grown Rings are waterproofed in 2 ways. Internally, the wood is stabilized with a strengthening resin that blocks the moisture absorption. Externally, the ring is sealed in 5 layers of a glass-filled clear coat similar to the method used to protect wooden surfboard and canoes.
  • Can wood rings be resized?
    Yes and No. All of my rings are made with Spiral Grain and can be resized up to one half size up or down. Most other wood rings, bentwood, carved, metal core and antler rings typically cannot be resized at all. Reach out or refer to our Policy page for more information about resizing options.
  • When will my order arrive?
    About 3-4 weeks depending on my current schedule and shipping times. If you have a special event or deadline, I recommend ordering your ring 8 weeks prior. So, if you have a wedding early June, it's a good idea to order early April.
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