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On my grandfather's farm, playtime for 5 year old Tyler was a bucket of nails, a hammer and a stub of 2x4. And I spent many hours bending nails over and being told I was choking the hammer to death. My grandfather was a carpenter, my dad was a keen woodworker and I grew up fascinated by the endless possibilities of wood. I've had careers in computers & technology, film & TV, but I've always found excuses to have a project going in wood.


In 2014 I made my first ring wood ring. I didn't even know that wooden rings existed or that they had a tradition dating back to 1775 and earlier. I just had an idea of how a tree would make a ring, not just a circle of wood, but a wearable piece of jewelry. It would grow around your finger, creating spiral grain that's equally strong from every side. It didn't first. But I learned from my many attempts and I kept working and I made it better. It took 3 years of making it a little better each time until I perfected the Spiral Grain ring. 

I started making rings for other people in 2017. One year later it was my full time job. The next year my fiancé started running the business with me and wood has been our family's provider ever since.


If you have any questions, please reach out using the contact form below. 

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