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How to find your RING SIZE

How do you find out what your ring size is? What methods are most accurate? How do you find out your ring size online? Can I guess my ring size? Can I measure my fingers with a measuring tape? What about a piece of string? 

This guide will give you all the information you need to confirm your ring size and allow you to buy a wedding ring online with confidence. After-all, organizing a wedding is stressful enough, without worrying about whether your band will fit!

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What ring sizing methods are NOT accurate?

- printable ring sizing tools

- measuring a piece of paper or string

- plastic pull-tie/belt sizer

- silicone rings

- you just guessed!

The not so good news is that all of these methods are not often accurate. The good news is that you are proactive and adventurous and we have a good approximation of your ring size. Flexible materials (whether it's paper, plastic or silicone) do not give an accurate size for a rigid ring. Read on for better options...

What about being sized at a jewlery store?

Yes, you can get an accurate size at a jewelry store, but with two caveats:


1. When being sized at the store, in addition to the narrow sizing kit/gauges most jewelers use, you should try on a couple of different rings at the exact width you would like to order. This is important as the width of a ring impacts the fit. For example: you might be a size 10.5 at 5mm but need a size 11 at 8mm.


2. I make my rings to accurate US ring sizes, and the accuracy of the ring you try on at a store will most likely be accurate too, however, our fingers do change shape throughout the day so a ring that might feel comfortable in the morning, might be too tight at night.


If you believe your hands swell throughout the day or in warmer weather, or if you don't have a local jewelry store, and you would like to be 100% sure, you can use my 3D-printed sizing ring service, see below...

What are 3D Printed Sizing Rings?

I offer a 3D printed ring sizing service that is guaranteed to give you an accurate ring size. For $9.95 (with free shipping) I'll print your desired ring sizes/widths, and I'll include a few other sizes just in case. The 3D printed rings are made from biodegradable plastic and are also great as they confirm size and width at the same time. 3D printed sizing rings also allow you to wear the ring for a few hours or a day (or a week!) allowing you to confirm that the fit stays comfortable in various conditions and times of the day. If you'd like to order a 3D printed ring set, please purchase the listing below through my Etsy store. Your 3D printed rings will ship out asap with an average eta of 5-7 days.

When checking out, just select one size (e.g.: 8mm, 8.5) and then at checkout there's a field called "Add a Note" where you can list any additional sizes/widths that you'd like to try.

If you order 3D printed sizing rings (from me), and your ring does not fit, I will resize it (or replace) it free of charge.

How do I choose ring width?

The width of a ring is mostly about the ring owner's preferred style. Do they like bold/impactful these or more subtle/elegant styles. The average width for a men's wedding band is 8mm, however most of my designs are available in widths from 5mm to 10mm. My rings are light and very comfortable to wear (not bulky) and I recommend selecting the largest width that the wearer likes, as wood grain develops more patterns with more surface area.


One good trick when selecting ring width is to make a stack of nickels. The edge of a nickel is 2mm. So you can stack 3 (6mm), 4 (8mm) or 5 (10mm) and then hold that stack up to your finger to visualize the width of your ring.

How to get a ring size for a surprise proposal or gift? (or Ring sizing in Ninja mode)

Unfortunately, ring sizing isn't really compatible with guessing, or guesstimating, or 'near enough is close enough' thinking. It would make my life easier if it were! Instead it's similar to buying a pair of shoes. If you are a size 8 shoe then you *could* possibly wear an 8.5 or a 7.5, but likely not a size 7 or 9.

Ideally we need to get some 3D printed sizing rings on the ring-wearer-to-be's finger. Is that a possibility? 

If you think it might ruin the surprise, a method that works for some customers is (when with the recipient of the ring) to ‘coincidently’ see a jewelry store at a local mall, you would suggest you enter and try on some rings, and then in turn your partner would do the same. The one caveat is that ideally you would get them to try on rings at the width you'd like to order, as ring width does impact fit. 

Other customers have been able to slip a ring sizer over their partner's finger as they sleep. 

And we have also sent ring sizing kits 'accidentally' to customers, who then attribute the delivery to an Amazon error, and then playfully encourage their partner to try it out - why not? It was free! (wink, wink)


Do you need to convert and international ring size to standard US ring sizing? No problem, we can help. If you have any other questions about sizing, please reach out using the form below, and we will happily offer personalized advice. You can also check out the FAQ section, or our sizing blog article for more tips and tricks.

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