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Grown Rings are the highest quality all-wood rings available for both men and women. Handcrafted in Los Angeles by a master artist, we use a unique-to-us ‘Spiral Grain’ method that creates a more beautiful and durable band. Using responsibly sourced materials, our fully-customizable rings are strong, lightweight and hypoallergenic, and with a little care, can last a lifetime. Can’t find the perfect, one-of-a-kind wooden ring? Find or create your dream band with us today!


You might have heard the idiom “going against the grain”. Wood is strongest and provides the most resistance against the grain. In ring making, like in life, going against the grain sometimes yields the greatest rewards.  


Traditional wooden rings are made one of two ways. They are carved from a single piece of wood, or the wood is bent (using steam and pressure) into the desired shape.  When Tyler was first inspired to create wooden rings, he trialled both traditional methods and could immediately see the strength and design limitations. So instead he “went against the grain”, and created an entirely new and unique method...


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Meet The Maker

Wood has always sparked my imagination. When I was younger, I'd find a branch in the forest and turn it into a wizard's staff. When it rained I'd make stick boats and sail them down the ditch to the imminent doom of the drain culvert. When I look at a piece of wood, I see potential for something new to grow from it. In my mind that makes wood the ultimate symbol of love. Beauty and strength through growth...

"The most beautiful piece of jewelry we have ever seen! A fantastic piece of workmanship and a craftsman who is both skilled and generous with his time and willing to work with your needs and ideas! Worth every penny!"

Heather Griffith ordered two rings to celebrate her upcoming marriage. She decided on

a Walnut with Blue Maple ring and a complimentary Blue Maple with Walnut version for her wife-to-be. She sent us this beautiful photo of the two of them wearing their rings.



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