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You might have heard the idiom “going against the grain”. It generally means doing the opposite of what others are doing. It also refers to wood being the strongest and providing the most resistance when against the grain. Both definitions describe Grown Rings. In ring making, like in life, going against the grain sometimes yields the greatest rewards.

Traditional wooden rings are made one of two ways. They are carved from a single piece of wood, or the wood is bent (using steam and pressure) into the desired shape. When Tyler was first inspired to create wooden rings, he trialled both traditional methods and could immediately see the strength and design limitations. So instead he “went against the grain”, and created an entirely new and unique method that required him to design and build his own tools. We don’t believe any other craftsman in the world is using this technique.


Without giving away all of our secrets, Grown Rings are created through a process of separating the natural fibers that make up a piece of wood along the grain and re-assembling them using a non-toxic, hypoallergenic, clear resin. The result is an incredibly strong and durable ring with a high shine finish that emphasizes the natural iridescent beauty of the wood. Using this technique also means that rings can be made in many different shapes, sizes and thicknesses, and different woods can be combined to create hybrid mixes or ombre effects. We also love to collaborate with clients and incorporate personal touches, such as complimentary partner bands (engagements, weddings, etc.) short messages (dates, names, etc), stones, metals or other materials. The possibilities are limited only by Tyler’s and your imagination.

Made using reclaimed and recycled wood.

Earth Friendly

Made with a non-toxic resin that makes our rings light weight and comfortable.



Stronger than bent wood or carved wooden rings.

Unique &

Only limited by your imagination.

"Absolutely love my ring! It is so light weight and comfortable. Excellent craftsmanship!"

Kay loved the Blue Maple ring in our Etsy store, but her tastes run more delicate and comfort was important to her. We decided upon a thinner width design with rounded edges which resulted in a strong, light-weight ring that's so comfortable you never have to take it off!


real people


"Oh my God this ring is absolutely fabulous. Tyler clued into exactly what I wanted and created this custom for my husband. I can't wait to give it to him on his birthday this week. It came with a cleaning and polishing kit too! Thank you Tyler for a fabulous transaction and a much loved piece of art!"

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