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We use UPS Ground for most domestic (USA) shipments as we find them most reliable. If you would prefer a different shipping method, simply reach out.

For international shipping, we most often use UPS Worldwide Expedited, but we can work with you to find the most efficient and cost effective solution. 


EU and UK Customers:

I recommend double checking the VAT or import duties that may be due upon your orders arrival. Your government's trade offices will typically have an online calculator to help estimate these fees. Investigating them now will help avoid any negative surprises when your ring arrives.   


Grown Rings are remarkably strong, and with regular maintenance and applying caution when performing duties outside of normal everyday activities, Grown Rings can last just as long as traditional metal rings.


All rings, regardless of what material they are made from, experience normal wear and tear over time. It arises naturally as a result of normal use. Small scratches and dents are normal and add character to a ring.


All Grown Rings require routine maintenance. The owner is responsible for maintaining the cosmetic appearance and mechanical integrity as prescribed in the Care Instructions provided when you receive your ring. Owners should also observe the suggestions for activities to avoid whilst wearing a Grown Ring, also found in the Care Instructions. Sudden impact with a very hard substance may cause the ring to crack or break. Squeezing or gripping a ring tightly against a hard object (weights at the gym, steering wheel, etc.) can also cause breakage. Any activity that repeatedly rubs the ring against a rigid or textured surface (such as strumming a guitar) may also damage your ring. 


We work hard to make sure you are happy with your purchase. As a small, one-man business, if there is a rare occurrence of damage beyond normal everyday wear and tear, then the following policy ensures we are both covered.



Sometimes damage to the protective surface of the ring occurs. This is identifiable as dull areas in the shiny finish. Your ring may also experience other damage such as a chip or crack. It is important to inspect your ring for this type of wear regularly, and to contact us promptly if you do see damage to the finish. Your ring is much more sensitive to moisture once the protective coating is compromised and this might lead to more severe damage. Abrasive cleaners, acetone, use of hand sanitizers more than 3-4 times a day, and friction are the main contributors to damage of the protective coating, to maintain the integrity of your coating these are best avoided.


Refinishing/Repair Service:

  • Rings less than 12 months old: we will re-coat/repair your ring free of charge. We only ask that cover return shipping both ways. Please contact us for more info.


  • Rings more than 12 months old: we will re-coat/repair your ring for a small fee ($79.95) plus the cost of shipping your ring back. Use the link below to get started.




Please note, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide us with an accurate ring size when placing an order. All of our rings are made to standard US sizes. If you have any doubt whatsoever regarding choice of size or width, then please reach out. Printable ring sizers that you can download from various websites are NOT accurate. Nor are the belt sizers that look like cable ties. Measuring with a piece of paper or string is also highly inaccurate. Please don’t rely on these methods alone.


We offer a 3D-printed ring sizing service for $9.95. This service is ideal if you have a good idea of your ring size but would like to be 100% confident with your choice. We will 3D-print you 2-5 plastic (biodegradable) rings at your chosen size and width. When they arrive in your mailbox, the ring-wearer-to-be should wear each size for 2-3 hours or ideally for a 24 hour period. If you purchase 3D printed sizing rings from us, and you find that your Grown Ring is a little too tight or loose within the first 12 months after purchase, then we will resize it for you free of cost.


If you choose not to use 3D printed sizing rings to confirm your size, and your Grown Ring is a little too tight or loose for you (within a 1/2 size of your original size) then we will resize for you at a cost of $39.95 and it is your responsibility to ship the ring back to us.


If your Grown Ring is more than 1/2 a size too small or too big, then we are unable to offer a resizing service as this would impact the strength and durability of your ring, please refer to our RETURNS policy below.



We offer a no-questions-asked return policy within 14 days of purchase. Any returned rings will be subject to a 40% recycling fee, based on the current full list price of the ring. Contact us to initiate a return. Once we receive your ring back to us, in its original condition and within 14 days of your purchase, then we will issue a refund to your original payment method minus the 40% recycling fee. 

Questions? Please use the form below to contact us.

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