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Making sure you get a perfect fit when purchasing a ring online can be challenging. This page is a resource to help take the stress out of ring sizing. Follow the steps below and if you still have questions then send me a message, I’d love to help you find your perfect fit.

Looking for information about choosing a Ring Width - click here.
Need help choosing a Ring Profile or Fit - click here.



(A) I have absolutely no idea what size I need!
No problem! Send us a message, include your full name and address, and we will send you standard ring sizing gauge set. Plan to wear a ring that is 5mm wide or more? Then you will also need to proceed to Step 2 (below).


(B) I have been sized at a jewelry store and they used a ring gauge set.

Great! This method is fairly accurate, however the ring sizing kit most jewelers use consists of a set of very narrow metal or plastic ring gauges. Ring width impacts fit, so if you plan to purchase a ring with a width of 5mm or more, then it's essential that you try on a ring at that width too. Please proceed to Step 2 (below).


(C) I have been sized at a jewelry store and tried on rings in the width I'd like to order.
Top marks to you! If you visited a jewelry store in person, and you tried on rings (metal or wood) at the width you wish to order, then we can be 99% sure you have the right size. Grown Rings are made to US sizing standards, and unless the rings you tried on were incorrectly sized or labeled, your Grown Ring will fit the same way. The one caveat is that our finger size can change throughout the day. If you think your fingers might swell during the day, then it's a good idea to use 3D printed sizing rings, that you can wear for a full day/night (or two!). Want to double check? Click here for Step 2 (below).

D) I sized myself using a printable ring sizing tool, or piece of paper or string, or a plastic pull-tie/belt sizer, or a ruler, or a silicone ring.
The not so good news is that all of these methods are not often accurate. The good news is that you are proactive and adventurous and we have a good approximation of your ring size. Flexible materials (whether it's paper, plastic or silicone) do not give an accurate size for a rigid ring. Fear not! Proceed to Step 2 (below)
 to get your size.



3D-printed sizing rings are the most accurate way to determine your ring size. These plastic rings are printed in your estimated size(s) and chosen width(s), and are fully biodegradable. I charge $10 for a set of 3D printed rings, and I refund 100% of this cost for Grown Rings customers (once I receive your ring order, I will refund $10). This cost includes shipping, and is necessary to create an order within Etsy that we can both use to track. This method is more accurate than a standard sizing gauge tool and is the best option if you have a reasonable idea of your size, but want to double check the fit of your chosen size and width. Bonus: many customers keep their 3D printed sizing rings to use as a substitute when going to the gym, doing heavy hardening, or any other activity that they choose not to wear their wooden ring for.

To order your 3D sizing rings, use the link below. Your rings will arrive in 4-5 days. I recommend trying them on a few times through the day or possibly even wearing one for a day or two. Our fingers can change size throughout the day depending on temperature and how long we've been standing versus sleeping. The right fit will slip over the knuckle with minimal pressure, slide all the way on and sit comfortably without feeling like it will fall off. I can also create rings in 1/4 sizes, so keep that in mind if one is slightly too tight or too loose.


As I make each and every ring to order, I can offer quarter sizing. If a size 10 is a little snug and a 10.5 feels just a little loose, then a 10.25 (10 1/4) might be your perfect fit. Think you might need a quarter size? I can print 3D-printed sizing rings in quarter sizes too. Click here to find out more.

Ring Sizing 101
Quarter Sizes
3D Printed Sizing Rings
Profile and Fit

Most metal rings are made en masse on large metal cutting machines and are limited to full (and sometimes half) sizes, with a Standard (Flat) Fit as a flat, right-angle cut is easiest to achieve. As I make each ring by hand and to order, I offer 1/4 sizing and I am able to accomodate different fit preferences. My default is Light Comfort Fit as it has proved to be the most comfortable for the greatest number of people, but if you prefer a Comfort Fit or a Flat Fit, just let me know. I can also customize the profile (outside shape of the ring), choose a more rounded look, or a flat, modern look.

Choosing Ring Width

Ring width is mostly about your personal style. One good trick when selecting ring width, is to make a stack of nickels. The edge of a nickel is 2mm. So you can stack 3 (6mm) or 4 (8mm) and hold that stack up to your finger to help visualize your ring's width.


Width is also related to ring size. For a size 6US the average width would be 5-6mm. For a size 12US that average jumps to 8-10mm. I recommend trying the nickel trick and going with the largest width that suits your personal style as the wider width means more area to showcase the wood grain. My rings are very light and comfortable to wear so that's not a concern. It's just about what looks good to your eye.


Questions? Send us a message.


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