--- LOS ANGELES August 28th --- GROWN RINGS ( creates Promise Rings for Two Lead Characters on hit Freeform show THE FOSTERS. Scoop on a huge plot development in Season 5.  SPOILER ALERT!


Grown Rings Owner and Craftsman Tyler Vickers started creating wooden rings two years ago, and has since crafted hundreds of bespoke bands for every type of couple, from across the globe, but none quite as mysterious nor urgent as the request he received three months ago. It was a Friday evening when the call came in from Tony Bonaventura, Prop Master on the hit TV Show The Fosters.

“It normally takes 3 to 4 weeks to deliver a ring, that’s what I ask for on my etsy orders, or 10 days for a rush order upgrade. But Tony wanted a TV-land rush order.” Vickers joked.

The show needed a ring tomorrow, which meant Tony needed to pick it up today! On top of the urgency, it couldn’t be just any ring.

“In the show, one of the main characters makes the ring from wood he finds. So the ring needed to look humble but still like this character poured his heart into making it. It was an exciting challenge and Tony was a great collaborator.”

Tony drove to Tyler’s workshop and collected the finished ring four and a half hours after their initial phone call. Tony rushed the ring straight to the Director who was extremely satisfied,and it was pronounced a happy ending.

We have promised (sans rings!) not to reveal the entire storyline, so tune in TONIGHT to see if Emma will accept Jesus’ promposal.

Want your Promise Ring just like the one on the show? It’s not listed on the Etsy store (yet) but reach out to Tyler directly for prices and Non TV-land rush order delivery times.