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Wood has always sparked my imagination. When I was younger, I'd find a branch in the forest and turn it into a wizard's staff. When it rained I'd make stick boats and sail them down the ditch to the imminent doom of the drain culvert. ...

When I look at a piece of wood, I see potential for something new to grow from it. In my mind that makes wood the ultimate symbol of love. Beauty and strength through growth.


I made my first ring out a piece of cedar that I found on the estate of William Faulkner. It was just a little nub of wood that had broken off a log cut down decades prior. I liked holding it and I realized that the more I held it, the

less I wanted to put it down. That realization became the metaphor for the best relationships in my life. The more I’m with a special person, the less I want to be without them.

Since then I’ve made hundreds of rings for customers from all around the world. Each ring connected to a customer's individual story and growing in meaning every day that it’s worn. I love the craftsmanship of making Grown Rings, but if there's one reason I love my business, it's the opportunity to be with a customer at the beginning of an exciting, new chapter in their life. It's like I get to say, "Once upon a time...' and the customer fills in the rest day by day.


[Tyler, Founder, Artisan]


Driftwood, Bocote, Rose Gold Spiral Vein Ring

Bloodwood Ring

Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel Ring

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