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Wood has always sparked my imagination. When I was younger, I'd find a branch in the forest and turn it into a wizard's staff. When it rained I'd make stick boats and sail them down the ditch to the imminent doom of the drain culvert. ...

When I look at a piece of wood, I see potential for something new to grow from it. In my mind that makes wood the ultimate symbol of love. Beauty and strength through growth.


I made my first ring out a piece of cedar that I found on the estate of William Faulkner. It was just a little nub of wood that had broken off a log cut down decades prior. I liked holding it and I realized that the more I held it, the

less I wanted to put it down. That realization became the metaphor for the best relationships in my life. The more I’m with a special person, the less I want to be without them.

Since then I’ve made hundreds of rings for customers from all around the world. Each ring connected to a customer's individual story and growing in meaning every day that it’s worn. I love the craftsmanship of making Grown Rings, but if there's one reason I love my business, it's the opportunity to be with a customer at the beginning of an exciting, new chapter in their life. It's like I get to say, "Once upon a time...' and the customer fills in the rest day by day.


[Tyler, Founder, Artisan]


Driftwood, Bocote, Rose Gold Spiral Vein Ring

Bloodwood Ring

Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel Ring

"Beautiful ring, perfect in every way."


real people


"Another awesome ring from Tyler! Amazing craftsmanship as always and the outcome of this custom order ring is everything I hoped it would be! Thank you!"

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